Automated Flight Control Systems (A/P)

Autopilot Service Manuals


Part Number Title Revision
753-771 Pitch Trim System Service Manual 1981, 1977
753-798 AutoControl I and II, and AltiMatic I and II 1961
753-723 AutoControl III, AltiMatic III and AltiMatic IIIB
761-502 AutoControl III B and AltiMatic III B-1 1981
761-602 AltiMatic IIIC
761-525 AltiMatic V and V-l
761-526 AltiMatic V F/D and V F/D-l
761-668 AltiMatic X F/D A/P and AltiMatic X A/P
753-720 AutoFlite
761-481 AutoFlite II


Part Number Title Revision
68S54 Century II, IIB & III Service Manual 1973

Autopilot Installation Manuals


Part Number Title Revision Notes
322 Century III AK220 Installation Manual 6 (1981) This scan does not contain all of the pages referenced in the table of context. If you can provide the missing pages, please contact us!

Autopilot Information Manuals

Autopilot Operating Instructions


Part Number Title Revision
68S25 Century III Pilot’s Operating Handbook 1998
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